Fleeting moments…

21 May 2015
Ben Pentreath

I thought I’d put up a little mid-week post, before we forget it, of the beautiful window that Charlie has done for the shop this week. It’s Chelsea Flower Show and London is going Chelsea Flower show mad, of course… Bridie and Charlie included.

We have our very own woodland border of Foxgloves, lupins, apple trees and moss.

Not to mention Bridie’s amazing, giant decoupage platters which you can find adorning Charlie’s old Plant stand or here…!

P1110840 P1110812

P1110814 P1110817 P1110821 P1110820P1110842

I’m afraid that tomorrow morning the plants make their way to Dorset, to the garden, so it really is a fleeting moment.  Pop by the shop today if you can!

Finally, crazy photo for the week.  Charlie and I found ourselves yesterday invited to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party which is a very wonderful affair and WOULD have been the most perfect blog post EVER….. if photography wasn’t strictly forbidden.

You will be glad that I couldn’t resist this snap of the Queen’s corgis coming back in after their walk. You couldn’t really make it up!


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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! That window is like something out of a dream.

Glad to hear it was a quick stop en route to Dorset, so it will forever be a moment of perfection—and I bet the plants are, too.


Loving your shop window. Will definitely pay you a visit next time I’m in London. I love hanging plates as wall art, who are they made by?


Do you mean to say that the queen doesn’t walk the dogs herself? Oyeamastoneaged.

Beautiful,beautiful window Charlie and Bridie. Might we see Charlie displaying at Chelsea, one of these years?

If your window had been at Chelsea it would surely have been a winner – definitely looks to be a ‘dog’s life’ at the Palace.


It was a lovely and unusual window and I really enjoyed seeing it whenever I walked down Rugby Street. Hope the plants flourish in Dorset.

I love your foxglovey window, and a little part of me will be forever sad that you couldn’t share your garden party with us – especially as the one you did show us is just so evocative.


To be in London right now, the Chelsea Flowershow, your beautiful shop….


This butler has just returned from first walk of the day with the Fluffians. No red ensemble, more like morning pyjamas and hair in bunches.

Just beautiful, and maybe even more so because it is fleeting. Enjoy your photographs and writings very much, thank you.


Absolutely stunning!

Sublime window, Charlie. Next stop Chelsea Flower Show best garden in show!!


Whoops meant to put Chatsworh


Charlie’s window is beautiful, more than a match for Chelsea!
I prefer it to Dan Pearson’s effort for


Lovely digitalis and the corgis!

Pierre B.says:

Enchanting window Charlie and Bridie!


The font is waiting for me to pop along and be decorated for our Flower Festival and so no time is left for a visit to London but thank you for the inspiration of your beautiful window……….Solomon’s Seal – hiding its flowers beneath the leaves, so elegant.


PS: Whilst I am awaiting the footman’s arrival, can you also send Charlie down to replicate that wonderful arrangement. Really very beautiful


Oh where is my footman when I need him? I sit here wondering a)how much poo can an 8 week old Labrador puppy produce (answer:tons) and b) Will he allow me any time to plant all that needs to be planted. I fear I know the answer. The alchemilla and perovskia will have to wait


Love the window display! We went to a Garden Party 5 years ago. One of the highlights of the day? Saying to the cab driver “Buckingham Palace, please”!

Beautiful window Charlie, Will you be doing more or have you just found yourself a new job !! ?. Sure the plants will appreciate Dorset.
LOVE the pic of the Corgis, is it not normal to have the Butler take one’s pooches for a walk ? Flossie Dennis and Dolly are all wanting their morning stroll now, Where in my Butler when I need him !
As always many thanks



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