Become our neighbour! Pop-up to let.

26 May 2015
Ben Pentreath


Have you ever fancied yourself as a shopkeeper?

This is the perfect opportunity to dip a toe into the waters of retail, without the long-term commitment, and under the ever-supportive awning of Pentreath & Hall.

We are looking for exciting and inspiring businesses to follow in the footsteps of Pip Howeson, Fisher London and Melodi Horne to come and join us on Rugby Street during the summer months.

Our pop-up unit will next be available for rent this July and August.
If you would like to be considered, and to find out more about the opportunity, please drop us a line:

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What about a cat cafe? It’s time Lambs C had one; they’re (about to become) all the rage, apparently…

I would love to know more about your pop us shop in July….I dont know whether you might find me to closely related to you? Not half as stylish or as clever, but I do sell stationery, cushions, lampshades and more…we are about to launch our little on line store, but you can see my fabrics and wallpapers on our website. We launched them at Tisuss d’Helene in March. I am about to received my first load of hand printed quilts and tablecloths etc (everything we do is block printed) from India and I would love to have these in the Pop Up Shop?

Look forward to hearing form you.
Ps I came across this while searching for that post that told me where I could get your pink paint!!


what about a pastry shop for Charlie? It would be awfully successful!

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