Evening time

31 May 2015
Ben Pentreath

This is a short blog. It’s all about pictures, not about words. It’s about the moment, on the turn from Spring to Summer, as we rush towards the summer solstice, when we suddenly realise that it is light later and later, evenings longer… that the sun is setting further and further into the west before it goes down below the horizon. I have always loved the long summer evenings; as the light fragments and stretches into a long dusk. There is an extraordinary moment in the garden just as the sun goes down… the gloaming.

This weekend, Charlie was in London and I was in Dorset; I’m back in London now, and he’s gone to France to help his friend Bridget set up house for a couple of days. So the evenings feel a little solitary, but all the more beautiful for it. Charlie’s gardening is looking amazing – both here on the roof, and down west.

So I thought we’d just sit back, and enjoy some photographs of the gardens by dusk.

Have a really great week ahead. There are exciting things happening at Ben P towers at the moment, but that can all wait for another day!

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Thx for this amazing photos ! Made my day!

Ben, so dreamy, as always.

Who gets the country vegetables? I know that what little I manage to grow in my city driveway is plenty for two, never mind a huge (by my standards) garden like that. Perhaps they go to the local market, like Twistevant’s in Tilling for the Mapp & Lucia fans out there. Or maybe the inestimable Charlie preserves them for the winter.

Slay me: do you grow that queen of vegetables, Swede? I swoon for it.

Anyway, there is nothing like a glimpse into the English countryside over one’s breakfast. Does wonders for the digestion.




I live in Singapore now and miss the change of light during the seasons so much, as much as I miss the beautiful historic houses of Europe and the flowers (you do get fed up with orchids). Your blog is my weekly dosis of melancholy.

Lovely pictures! It is amazing how the evening light makes gardens look specially beautiful.

What a wonderful way to start the day! Everything looks beautiful. have a great week.
xo, lissy

Gorgeous as ever. How do you to it? Your vegetable garden always looks well weeded and productive. Your flower beds are always beautifully balanced and color coordinated. What are the lovely masses of small white flowers that flow down the garden wall?


I would love to sit in the evening with a book of your blogs .. so much easier than sitting at the computer and having to pull them up. It seems others want you to publish a book of these also. You can do another one after the first.. have volumns. PLEASE

Oh no! a serious case of garden envy to go with the wintry weather here (it’s 7 degrees C)… thank you Ben (through gritted teeth!)

Deby (in Canada)says:

so when are you and Charlie publishing a garden book?
Such a treat on a cold cloudy Monday morning in Canada…
cheers Deby


Thank you Ben, for sharing; this is the time of year to linger in the garden (if warm enough) and to eat delicious asparagus, tiny new potatoes, and salad leaves from the garden, with a lovely glass of English winer perhaps? Enjoy your week too, and thank you. s:x)


Thank you for a wonderful start to Monday! You know how to make us happy! Amazing photos, beautiful. Thank you!

You’ve made my Monday already, such lovely photos – your garden is film set ready – I can see Kiera walking along the border with her trug wearing a bonnet!

Nicola Lawrencesays:

All heavenly, Ben. We have that magical softness in our evening light at the moment, too. It makes even the ‘plains’ of the Riverina beautiful..

Judith Percivalsays:

I wondered what had happened to the foxgloves. What a little paradise you have up among the rooftops.

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