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12 July 2015
Ben Pentreath

Okay, I should probably never blog again after this.

Don’t worry – I’m not being serious…. but you may remember, if you are a very keen reader, that I said last week there were exciting events in the offing…

What I wasn’t saying was that Charlie and I were about to throw our wedding party down in Dorset. And this has been the weekend.  When we got married back in January, which was a tiny, happy thing in Camden Town Hall, the plan was always to give Charlie’s New Zealand family time to come over, and for all of our families and friends to be with us.  A summer wedding party in Dorset beckoned.

We’re sitting here on Sunday evening, by the fire, Charlie’s unwrapping presents and I’m having a look through photos… portraits of a wonderful day.

I think not too many words, this week – but just some captions from time to time.

By Friday morning, Charlie’s flower room was beginning to go a little crazy…


The marquee, by contrast, was very ordered. Anna and Nic has just put up all the tables and chairs.P1080892 P1080899 P1080916 P1080920

Supper in Dorchester on Friday – while we left Charlie quietly and peacefully in his flower room (which is really where he wanted to be, with no disturbances).P1080925

The church flowers ready early on Saturday morning….P1080927

The marquee was looking beautiful…P1080934

P1080935We couldn’t resist flying the flag…P1080938

Meanwhile Charlie & Anna were laying the tables. Then the candles…P1080943

and more candles… (and more candles)….P1080944

Then the flowers….P1080966 P1080967 P1080968 P1080969 P1080971

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? Charlie had created the most beautiful marquee you have ever seen.  All in no time at all, and with no fuss.P1080974 P1080977 P1080981

But we finished with minutes to spare… The first guests were arriving at the church… through our garden, as it turned out.P1080984

While meanwhile, more importantly, the waiters turned up just in time…. hehehehe P1080989

In the interest of the blog I snuck one photograph from our pew at the front of the church…

But the nicest photo of all was snapped by Charlie’s friend Hamish…

Back at the Parsonage, the party got into full swing…
P1080999 P1090001 P1090005 P1090015 P1090018 P1090023

Lulu and Bridgie, who were the real instigators of Charlie and me getting together. P1090035

Drinks at home, followed by supper at the Cricket Ground. Everyone else had gone down – on the way we bumped into Nic and her daughter Poppy…. looking so glamorous.
P1090046 P1090048 P1090052

Otto Williamson came running over to say hello!P1090054 P1090063

Vera settled down at her place to have a good read of the Beano.
P1090068 P1090074

Charlie’s Angels…P1090078

If you’re very sharp eyed in the photo two back, you might, just might have spied these:
P1090080Charlie’s obsession. The camels were amazing. Really, just an excuse for the perfect last line to the invitations…


Maisie, meanwhile, was playing the accordion beautifully…P1090081

And then it was time for supper…P1090087

Although not for everyone…P1090089

The waiters were doing their job beautifully……….P1090092

Charlie and Ben and two camels…. taking a break during supper….P1090105 P1090106

Our friend Lulu, who introduced us at a dinner a year and 2 days ago…. about to give her best woman’s speech, which was the best speech anyone has ever heard….P1090112

And as dusk settled, the tent (lit entirely by candlelight) took on a magical glow….P1090117

And I think it is possibly true to say that for those few hours there was nowhere else on earth that anyone in that tent – our families, and all of our closest and best friends – would have wanted to be.P1090119

And there the photos stop…. as the evening began.  Oh man oh man oh man.  We danced away to Jess Upton and the Guilty Pleasures… and it’s probably true to say that the village has never seen anything quite like it.

The following morning, even the aftermath had its own beauty. Rain was sweeping across the valley, in and drumming on the roof of the tent. I know it’s easy to say, but gosh we were lucky with that beautiful, soft, sunlit evening the night before.

P1090124 P1090129P1090126 P1090130

Flowers were retrieved and brought back to the house to be distributed to whoever was driving home….P1090145

And then we spent the afternoon in front of the Wimbledon Men’s final in the village hall, on the big screen. Bliss…. and about all we were good for.P1090154

Late afternoon, and a mist had blown in across the valley. Here’s the view to the church…P1090156

And back to the Parsonage.P1090158

Charlie’s vegetable garden looking ravishing beyond the meadow.P1090159 P1090162 P1090167

And at the end of the afternoon, we wandered down to the Cricket Ground, to look at the Marquee in the mist. The Cricket match was still being played.P1090177 P1090182 P1090184

P1090181We’ve been quietly recovering, and unwrapping all our many beautiful presents, and soon it is time to go to bed, and the dream will be over, and real life will return…. And this has, I think, for all of us, been one of the happiest weekends of our lives.


(and thank you Simon for that lovely photograph).


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Matthew Camplingsays:

I have both your books. I also have a husband and live in Hampstead. Your grand gestures are much appreciated. My husband and I just celebrated 25 years together with more to come. I hope you and Charlie will one day be saying the same. xxx M


Just seen your flat in You So lovely U made me sort out roof Terrace . Kitchen floor so. Need that colour . Doors in kitchen. Are Thay off white or blue pls .

alison lewissays:

How utterly divine and a dream wedding, I’m sure. Warmest Congratulations on your marriage. A lovely blog and I love the multi coloured candles – such a wonderful idea!

Diane Keanesays:

Many, many congratulations to you both! Just think, you have a lifetime of reprising this party on every anniversary ahead of you. And may you both live long and happily and enjoy all of them!

Big Hugs,

PS–Sorry for the late comment, I’ve been in the garden!

So, so, so, so beautiful! Best wishes to you both!

adam soutarsays:

Beautiful beautiful well done fellers!!!!!


Exquisite and joyful in every way

Wow. What love and creative care has gone into everything. You didn’t need many words, the happiness seeps out of the beautiful photos. Congratulations to you both.


Wishing you both forever happiness! x


Mazel Tov! A wedding most exquisite; a match most fitting.
And I agree with the Vicar: “it’s wonderful that Ben and Charlie have found a whole in each other.”
Love you both xxx

Paul Waitesays:

Well, I have to say that i just posted this on my Facebook as it looks like complete perfection to me, in every sense. You might remember that we met at BP and Introduced ourselves as a fellow countryman of Charlies as I had to say just how much i admired the beauty and honesty of your blog. Just this week I was taking a NZer around the Soane and they sad how a wall reminded them of your designs and how they and other friends there follow you religiously as well as visiting your shop when in London. So i was proudly able to namedrop that i had shaken your hand. Each time it comes out your blog just gets so much better and you charm us all even more. You are terribly lucky to have found each other and I wish you so much happiness together

Wow! What a wonderful day full of memories to look back on and the mist the day after gave a quiet peace to the events of the previous day. Thank you for sharing your special day.

It was so real,we all felt the love! The best of times xRuth


absolute perfection. sincere congratulations to you both.
that pic of the marquee & the candlelight… sigh….


How Lovely, Ben! Congratulations to you both! Thank you for sharing your journey here, it’s been so inspiring to watch. It’s wonderful to see two people so happy. And I’m stealing the flower and candle idea! Marvelous.

everything looked so dreamy
we were at a garden party in Wicklow at the same time which had to be moved indoors due to rain – but am glad it meant that you had sunshine. Wishing you both years and years of happiness

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding breakfast quite so differently laid out. Both happy, (even gay in that sense), in its colours, (of candles and flowers), and masculine in the rusticity of the trestle tables and folding chairs; how utterly delightful, and much more interesting than some more formal affairs that I have attended over the years, and the silly over-the-top one reads about in “Hello”. Oh and the waiters. How distracting.


Ben’s photos are always beautiful, and capture an atmosphere, but on this one, for once, I can vouch that the real thing was even more beautiful.

Seemingly impossibly, that even goes for the waiters. Thank you for the picture of Sam the waiter, sigh.


Hi Ben

Where do you get your waiters from!?

Kind regards



Thank you both for extending me the invitation to be an extramural guest at your wedding party and I’m happy to RSVP. Seriously though, what a marquee, what flowers, what candlesticks, what waiters, and what camels! And happy peeps, above all. Best as ever, Nicola

Paula Tagg (Angel mother)says:

A magical evening. You know how to throw a party. Only downside…… A serious case of post party blues! Ben and Charlie thank you so much for letting us share such a wonderful time x

There are not sufficient hyperboles to describe this blog post other than simply stunning. And my heartfelt congratulations to you both for a long and happy life together.

Have you ever thought of compiling the photos from your blog posts into a beautiful book? I for one would certainly buy multiple copies of it.


Does Lulu take commissions :-)?!
The smiles on your faces say it all, huge congrats and what a stylish affair!

Gill Csays:

What a beautiful, memorable day. Many congratulations. Thank you so much for sharing your happy day on your blog.


Ben, I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I followed your NZ adventures with great interest. Like you, I love the Christchurch Botanic Gardens and am quite often brought to tears by the beauty of the place. I have just now had a quiet cry while I absorbed the beauty of this blog post -the setting, the flowers, the candles, the smiling people, the glorious weather, and your words…. And then there is your conveyed love for Charlie which seems so pure and so real. We are strangers, you & I, but I thank you warmly, as a friend would, for this amazing, generous post.


Congratulations and what a beautiful party! So lovely to see two wonderful, creative and caring people come together. Wishing you many years of happiness from North Carolina, USA.


How fantastic! Congratulations. Thank you for sharing with us.

oh ben.
oh charlie.
THANK YOU!!! for letting us share in your beautiful celebration!
i have to go back and look at it all … all over again! xo♥

albert quintanillasays:

really lovely.Ive never seen so many candlesticks!!! very well organized.simple.elegant.hhmmm.the waiters were not exactly hard on the eyes.AAHHHH youth.Best wishes from California.


HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS!!!!!! The glory of the creator is seen in each flower, candle and joy-filled individual there at your lovely,precious ceremony of LIFE!!! Thank you for sharing the hope , and true reality of BEING…that when one advances in the direction of their dreams NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!


The best blog so far (I hope)… Looks like such a happy party and the flowers are just amazing, amazing, amazing. Thank you and very many congratulations.


TFK beautifully expressed what many of your readers must feel. All best wishes and congratulations, and thank you for sharing. The setting looks perfectly fanciful from the other side of the Atlantic but the love and joy on your occasion are bona fide. And the invitations made me laugh out loud!

Sue Tattersallsays:

TFK said it all, pardon me if I pause to fetch a hankie. Many Many Congratulations XX


Anybody manage to read this post without crying? Not me! Thank you for sharing this wonderful day, and every happiness to you both, always.


Wishing you both a blissful future together…thanx so much for sharing


Congratulations to you both, again!

What a magical joyous day, complete with camels and mist and cricket. Wishing you both such happiness and beauty in your life together always.

Nessa Ryallsays:

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and joyous blog.Congratulations.


Congratulations from Italy. I must say that I shed a little tear when I saw the Marquee filled with all those flowers, it was utterly beautiful and filled my heart with joy.

I think this would count as the Platonic Form of ‘wedding’- absolutely heavenly! Congratulations to you both! Lovely to see two people so besotted with each other!

Congratulations! Everything looks amazingly beautiful! Have a wonderful life. ❤️

Thank you for sharing photos of your wonderful day – the marquee and guests all looked ravishing – you and Charlie too, of course. May you both look forward to a very happy future together.


JOY – unadulterated joy.

Congratulations to you and Charlie… When I saw you all in last fall, it was clear how happy you both were with each other! xoxoxo


You AND your blog: absolutely beautiful.

May your life together continue to be as dreamy as the incredible day you shared with the rest of us on your blog. Congratulations to lovely Charlie and Ben. With love Melina and Dimitri xx


You both (and everyone else) look so happy. I’m very glad for you both. May you have much joy.
And if I ever need a tent with flowers and candles and I’m in the right hemisphere, Charlie, would you do mine?


If you never write another blog post again (and I completely hope you will ), that would be the most triumphantly gorgeous, beautiful and joyous way to bow out. Every detail of a lovely summer’s day was perfect, simple and heartfelt. Loved the cricket pitch in the mist of the morning after, the crazy camels, the wondrous tent, and the simple happy englishness of it all.


I read this starting with a small smile which increased little by little into a huge tear-filled beam. Beautiful and blissful

Pierre B.says:

This will sure be a memorable day for you both and for those who attended your wedding. Congratulations!


That was beautiful!! A wedding without artifice is hard to pull off- but you’ve done it! Just wonderful.
Thank you so much- and all the very best to you and Charlie.

PS Where did you find those Waiters ? ;-)))

Beautiful day had by all.Many thanks for sharing such precious and private moments with us.
Many congratulations Ben & Charlie.
Regards William.


Yup the best blog post ever…:)
a photo diary/event like no other

Joyous. Thank you for giving the followers of your blog a glimpse of this wonderful day.


Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Love the camels!! Congratulations!!
But I think you’ll find that Charlie’s veg patch is actually simply radishing…


Such generosity to share your uniquely special occasion with us, your blog readers. Thank you. My heart is full of gratitude to have been able to see these gorgeous photos and I wish you both continuing happiness and joy in your creativity. Can’t stop smiling!


I was having a difficult morning but this has greatly cheered me. What a delicious post. Congratulations!


Beautiful. All of it. The tables were truly stunning and so simple. All of the photos are lovely, but I think my absolute favourite is the one of Vera, reading her Beano! Thank you for sharing this, and may you have many, many happy years together.


happy, happy, happy – x

You open your heart and life to a world of strangers for probably no other reason than you want to share joy and beauty and hopefully make some of us feel better in the process. You and Charlie deserve as much love and happiness as there is to have on this planet

looks familiar.Congratulations and thank you for sharing such a special day with us.


BEAUTIFUL Benny! We had an amazing, idyllic time. Thank you both xx

It’s like peeping into arcadia – you know how to carry things off with such inimitable style. Lovely that the fickle weather blessed your day – I may have spotted John and the unique hand of the Whittington Press at work.
Congratulations to you both


Ben (and Charlie), i can’t find the words to express my emotion. i’m a total stranger and i know very little of you. and yet, somehow i have the feeling that we are connected and that’s simply because we all belong to the human species, i therefore can relate to your own beautiful story and to the beauty that you both create which inspires us, helps us to have more beautiful lives.
many wishes of happiness, really


the happiest of posts! everything looks beyond wonderful. congratulations 🙂


I never comment on blogs. Ever. But you are a very good person, Ben. You open your heart and life to a world of strangers for probably no other reason than you want to share joy and beauty and hopefully make some of us feel better in the process. You and Charlie deserve as much love and happiness as there is to have on this planet. May every day your love grow deeper and may every night when you hold each other you say to yourselves there is nothing better than this. Congratulations! And thank you for making the world a better place.

Deby (in Canada)says:

Tears… of happiness for you two and enormous thanks for sharing…I think we lucky readers have just had a glimpse of something so special. The flowers and candles and charm of the tent, the beautiful guests and the delicious waiters should be enough but then Charlie adds the Camels!…
Happiness to you both FOREVER… xoxoxDeby


As always thanks for sharing; such a beautiful occasion and setting. For me the heart tugger and smile/ tear inducer , is that it was all so personally done; something homegrown (mostly), to share with those who are most important to you both. It doesn’t get more beautiful than that. Many congratulations to you both and many years of happiness ahead…

J. Johnsonsays:

Now you’ve gone and done it, creating the best blog post ever. Congrats to the two of you!


Congratulations and best wishes. Crying many tears of joy over these beautiful pictures of two people celebrating their love.


What a glorious event. Congratulations!


Congratulations. Such a beautiful day. And Bridgie’s hat is to die for!

Erica W.says:

Oh, that looks so perfect…. what a happy day. Thank you for sharing!


Congratulations and thank you for sharing such a special day with us.


Such beauty! Congratulations and many thanks for sharing a part of such a precious celebration. You are a beautiful couple. Here’s to a lifetime of love and then some!

Glorious! The rainbow of candles and the forest of flowers marching down the middle of the tables! Brill, as usual.

Love is all that matters—and it is the only thing I know of that is NOT better in moderation.

Sending hugs and kisses to you both from the other Cambridge.



Congratulations! so happy for you both and that the weather held up – it looks like it was bliss!

(we wont comment on Wimbledon except to say this Federer fan is sad)

auntie Catherinesays:

Love you Ben and Charles


Congratulations – so happy for you both. Thank you for sharing. Flowers were beautiful. X


Idyllic doesn’t even come near. I hope my wedding is somewhere near that dreamy scene.
I hope that you are both glowing with happiness, and floating on joy for the next few days and weeks at least.

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