Getting back to normal (a day or two late)

20 July 2015
Ben Pentreath

We had the quietest weekend down in Dorset… Once Friday night was out of the way – there was a huge party in the village, our neighbour Glen & Mandy’s summer bash – where we danced the night away to the manic sounds of the local heavy metal band Slipped Disc.  (I bet that’s a line you weren’t entirely expecting to read).

Crazy nights out have been turning up like London buses; you wait for ever, then along come 6 or 7 in a row. Every evening this week just gone, we’ve been saying goodbye to a succession of Charlie’s friends and relatives – in between some crazy work days as well (I am not sure entirely why I decided it was a good idea to fly to Scotland early on the Monday morning after our wedding party, but there we are. It was an amazing trip, but exhausting). I’m beginning to realise there’s a reason that people go on honeymoon the day after they get married, and it’s not entirely for romance. It’s for a flipping holiday. We’re off to Italy in a few weeks – and I just cannot wait.

But on Saturday, this weekend, the dust began to settle. The day started for me with a massive, post Mandy-and-Glen-party hangover, which breakfast at Soulshine in Bridport put to rest, followed by a lovely lunch over in Powerstock with our friends Jane and Johnny. We meandered back to the village in the afternoon. Charlie cleared his flower room, which was a mammoth task; I washed up knives and forks, which wasn’t a mammoth task, but did take several hours.

In between times we nipped outside to enjoy the remarkable summer evenings, the light glowing across the veg garden. The sweet peas have gone mad; dahlias are just starting.  I’m sure you won’t mind if this blog is all about pictures of the garden. A standard default setting, after all, when I’ve entirely run out of interesting things to say.P1090312 P1090314 P1090315 P1090317 P1090323 P1090328 P1090331 P1090333 P1090338 P1090353 P1090357 P1090359 P1090360 P1090365 P1090372 P1090374 P1090406 P1090411 P1090413 P1090414 P1090415 P1090416 P1090419 P1090423 P1090426 P1090427 P1090429 P1090431 P1090438 P1090448On Sunday morning, we picked everything. Charlie filled buckets and buckets with flowers that are now at home, in the office and in the shop. The car has never smelled so good as on our way back to London yesterday afternoon.


And then… on Sunday night, instead of quietly getting ready for the week, and writing the blog, as per usual, we had Charlie’s mum, Mary-Lou, and her best friend Miranda – who tomorrow head back to NZ – over for a farewell supper. We started with drinks on the roof terrace…. followed by more drinks…P1090466

…And by the most delicious dinner on earth, cooked by Charlie… and more drinks…. and more laughter….P1090476

And more…. And this morning, there was absolutely no way on earth that a blog was going to be written.

We’re slowly getting back to normal. I’m going to miss the crazy times.

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I think you are allowed a bit of time off now Ben! The shots of the garden are glorious, can’t wait for more Instagram shots of Italy.

Pierre B.says:

This post, as most of the time, is a feast for the eye and for the heart. One cannot get tired of this garden. Thank you!

this blog is pure enchantment ben.
each post is a treasure to this land locked anglophile who loves your life!!!
it’s never a disappointment. never! xo

Calhoun Sumrallsays:

I can almost smell the sweet peas from your pics! So beautiful it all!!

Ben, I never ever get tired of seeing pictures of your garden, although right now, I’m looking out of the window at mine, and wondering what I’m doing wrong!


When I’m a guest on Desert Island Discs I shall choose an album of photographs of your garden so that I can weep with homesickness and nostalgia over ‘a corner that is forever England.’ Thank you, as always.

oh don’t you worry – default setting of exquisite garden photos is fine by this faithful blog reader


The Parsonage garden is an utter delight. The pictures are so lovely I can almost smell the flowers as I sit here in my study….


Hi Ben
Reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos, I feel like I have woken up in Heaven. Love the generosity and the beauty you bestow on us. What a beautiful life!


Your instagram snaps from the project in Scotland have been stuck in my mind for days – if you ever wanted to dedicate a blog post to your visit, I think we would all be delighted to see a few more photos! Have a lovely week, A

deby (inCanada)says:

Uncanny…I always look for the post on Sunday evening – which is your early morning…yesterday I didn’t look and didn’t even look this morning! Must have known you were suffering- for so many good reasons! The garden pictures are an absolute treat… the riot of colours reminds me of the wedding candles!
Enjoy dreaming about Italy…trip anticipation is such a marvel…
as always- thanks for sharing xoDeby


Hi Deby well I was just looking at our diary at a trip for a weekend in October…!! 🙂

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