Workroom Profile VIII: Marianna Kennedy

15 September 2015
Ben Pentreath

Marianna Kennedy was born in Canada but has lived and worked in the Spitalfields area of East London for twenty-five years. Her work reinterprets traditional forms, suffusing them with a contemporary aesthetic to produce pieces of timeless beauty. Central to her artistic vision is the respect for craftsmanship; each piece that bears her name is the result of many months of collaboration with traditional British artisans who apply their exacting standards to these modern designs.

1565 Marianna Kennedy

From her studio in Spitalfields, she creates a small number of museum-quality commissions each year; these pieces are placed in some of the most exclusive private collections in the world. She also produces highly limited editions of her most celebrated pieces, including Cawdor Lamps, lacquered Gueridons and colour-infused mirrors.

The Cawdor Lamp





In addition to her bespoke work, her workshop also produces larger editions of decorative objects, such as her resin lamps and horsehair blinds, considered by many to be modern classics.

1565 Marianna Kennedy

The resin lamps and book cloth shades are part of the ‘workshop’ items from Marianna’s studio. Lamps are hand polished cast resin in 12 colours.

1565 Marianna Kennedy

The lampshades are made from book cloth and horsehair. Very often Marianna’s lamps are chosen to co-ordinate with her blinds in the same fabrics.

1565 Marianna Kennedy

1565 Marianna Kennedy

1565 Marianna Kennedy


To celebrate the London Design Festival 2015, Pentreath & Hall is delighted to host a Marianna Kennedy Pop-up shop. Along with show casing the newest colour range of Spring Lamps, Marianna will be launching her newest design, the Bronze Lamp with a horsehair shade, to mark the occasion.

All proudly made in England.

Pentreath & Hall are overjoyed to be the exclusive Marianna Kennedy lamp stockist in the UK.

The exhibition runs from from Monday 14th – Wednesday 30th September, 11am to 6pm – Monday to Saturday. Pentreath & Hall, 17a Rugby Street, London WC1.

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I discovered those Tulip lamps a while ago and they have now naughtily inserted themselves into my mind as the benchmark, against which nothing seems to measure up. I’d go a Cawdor too. Or, really, anything in her range. I think my house is sulking for lack of a Marianna Kennedy piece or ten.

I just missed this, when I called on your shop at the beginning of September; the pop-up shop was under wraps. These look to be “card” type shades, which is what I have been searching for. But anyway, I’m back in Bangkok, so I have sourced a shade maker here, which might be a bit more practical. The celadon bases, (from my late parents’ house) which I sent on Thursday last week from Scotland arrived this morning at vast (shipping) expense.

Deby (in Canada)says:

Wish I could be there to see this- the saturated colours are beautiful as are the lettered signs!
I had no idea she makes blinds… That red and black photo is amazing… Shout out to you as well- just spotted your chrysanthemum plate in Garden Illustrated at lunch time!
cheers Deby

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