A year ago today….

11 July 2016
Ben Pentreath

Charlie and I were throwing our wedding party down in Dorset. Rather than writing something new this morning, I’ve been enjoying just thinking about what really was one of the happiest days ever …..

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Funny how time changes. This year, it’s been the quietest weekend ever; I’ve been down on the Isle of Wight, which was stuck in a low grey cloud for most of the weekend, helping Mum & Dad sort through ‘stuff’.  Piles and piles and piles of stuff. It’s been really good fun but quite hard work for all, involving long trips down memory lane for Mum and Dad, shorter trips to the skip for things no longer for keeping, and making new piles of stuff for the charity shop. All of which was lovely but not entirely the subject of a photo essay!

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. On one level, the wedding party seems like a few weeks ago, really. On another level, how did we get to half way through July already? But roll on August – holiday time…. Charlie and I are heading to Dorset for the better part of the  month. We can’t wait… but I still hope the sun comes out.

Have a great week ahead.

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Liza Vandermeersays:

Happy anniversary (belatedly) – but may I suggest that you wasted a wonderful opportunity last year. Why didn’t you both arrive ON the camels?

I’m happy to report that the Anglican Church of Canada has finally decided to celebrate same-sex marriages. Positive news in troubled times!


Congratulations to you and Charlie on your first anniversary.

I loved this posting and there was certainly no need to apologise for the absence of a photo essay this week. I found it peaceful, reflective, real … just what I needed when I read it.


One has become five – including the 4-legged members – in a year. Well done and many happy returns of your anniversary. Best wishes, Nicola


Hi Ben and Charlie,oh a year already,congratulations.Looking at your beautiful pictures is a real treat on a very wet and dull day ,so thank you for cheering it up.


Happy Anniversary Ben and Charlie. Many more to come. But a year? Lawdy. Can’t be.

I’m laughing at Richard’s comment – luckily all concerned are everso ‘andsome.


Fascinating. Clearly a lot going on here.


Wishing you both many more years of blissful happiness. Life soon flies buy, how wonderful to find a soulmate to share it with!


Happy Anniversary! It’s wonderful to see such a loving couple that suit each other perfectly. May you have many more years together.

Suzy Fannngsays:

Ben, Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Thank you so much for the privilege of being able to follow your daily life. It is one of my great pleasures to read your blog every Monday.


Great Picture of you and Charlie with the camels. Charlie looks like he could be related to one of them. Always good to read your blog – very amusing.

Congratulations❗️❤️ The pictures are wonderful and the happiness is infectious. I am sure your Mum and Dad loved having the help to sort through stuff. We just did this with my husbands Mother-it really was great fun listening to all of the stories. Have a wonderful day.
xo, Lissy

Diane Keanesays:

Congratulations Ben & Charlie, on your first Anniversary! May you have many, many happy years together, with dogs, kittens, and camels!!


Congratulations to you both. Ben, we are the same age yet having farmed all my life in an isolated community I am probably two decades behind you. Seeing your wedding pictures, how naturally and positively you have shared your love in front of your friends and family is amazingly affirming. You both present an image I longed to find in my youth and is wonderful to find now. Wishing you both many more years of happiness together.


Gosh, has it been a year already?! I feel like it was only a few blogs back that I was reading about the wedding…

Kittens… omg, what kittens! Piccies soon please!!!


Lovely posting – the joy just shines from both of your faces. Congratulations on your first anniversary and wishing you both many more happy and creative years together.


Congratulations on your first year together!

Any chance of some preview pix of your forthcoming book, Ben?

Isla Simpsonsays:

Such an incredible year for you and Charlie, now you have Mavis and kittens!!!! Happy Anniversary xxx


Hello Ben and Charlie – lovely to be reminded of your special day.
Please can you tell – and show – us all about the changes to your London home – you now also have the flat downstairs ?!

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