Into the mist

12 December 2016
Ben Pentreath

This week has been about not very much at all. The time has flown by. It’s Monday morning in Dorset; Monday night in New Zealand, and I’ve just spoken to Charlie, and he’s about to get on the plane to start making the long, long journey home.  We’ve all missed him, and it’s been the quietest week ever. Which in its own way has been nice. But tomorrow morning will be very exciting…. especially for Mavis!

Yesterday morning I took her for her walk. We stepped out in to the most beautiful misty landscape.  The village was looking completely perfect; like a series of soft drawings. No commentary needed.  But something nice to look at on Monday morning.

Like a dream.

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am over here, eastern sierra, california, same, dear ben, your stories and pictures and healthy english design are therapy! same, me and my newfie, guinevere wanna’ know what mavis the furr girl did when she spied ‘er kiwi bloke, charlie!


I call this Jack the Ripper weather 🙂 but it certainy has its beauty! Every corner seems to be full of secrets… calm and a bit spooky, with pretty buildings emerging as if out of nowhere, so very English. (Give my love to Mavis (I have a soft spot for black dogs) and I hope that all family is safely back together?) K.

Jennifer Phillippssays:

Lovely gentle soft focus vistas…..such a contrast to our hot summery day here in NZ…so Charlie will have to adjust I am sure after his visit home to NZ, but I am sure he is looking forward to all the lovely things that come with Christmas in your part of the world, which we struggle to enjoy in the heat….have a lovely Christmas all!


Beautiful mists. I’m so happy to be able to experience them myself now, and hear from afar of the blood-boiling days they’re having in Sydney.

I thought when I was looking at the photos, probably rather fancifully, that they seemed somehow to contain the absence of Charlie.

Happy re-union of the family.


It is 35 degrees today in Sydney with 37 expected tomorrow so I enjoyed a refreshing cool down entering the misty moisty landscape imagining myself joining you and Mavis on your early morning walk. In July this year – it seems so long ago – Tim and I stayed for a week in West Dorset and became entranced by the Bride Valley and the Chesil Coast not to mention Bridport although I was in utter despair that I had to pass up all the divine objects on sale at the Saturday Market. So thank you so much Ben for your blogs and photos. Thank you also for your two books. Your blood is worth bottling as my grandmother used to say.Best wishes to you all from your Sydney fan Susan

Deborah Wagnersays:

Mavis will probably pee herself with joy when Charlie hoves into view, so plan accordingly.

This blog is better than going to a psychiatrist. Thanks for the mists. I’ll take all the soothing I can get these days.



I’m only an occasional lurker here, Mr. Pentreath, but you should really consider doing a stand-alone book of your own photography.

David Sanderssays:

I remember being quite enchanted by misty mornings such as these when last I stayed with my cousin in Surrey. For some strange reason they always evoked a feeling of being transported back to a much, much earlier time – a sort of meteorological time travel experience.


straight out of Hardy (minus the telegraph poles)
beautiful, just beautiful


One word Ben MAGICAL once again
Dorset delivers.

Charlies homecoming is so exciting hope you have a wonderful Christmas together.


So beautiful, thank you Ben


“A foggy, murky start in some southern and central areas with some brighter spells in the southwest later. Staying mild.” Photos say it better. Best, Nicola


The most beautiful and wistful photos today, Ben. Thank you!


So lovely and peaceful. Thank you.


I was almost expecting to see Excalibur rising up from the misty lake–very atmospheric! I guess Mavis was your “Lady of the Lake” and a very sweet one, too. And what a pretty waterfall in the distance.


What a beautiful setting for a life. One day tell us about the waterfall.


Lush, beautiful images…..channeling John Constable. A treat to wake up to on this cold, wet Monday in Brooklyn. Many thanks, Ben, and a happy reunion for your little threesome.


Charlotte K – not necessarily buried, I remember when many huge pylons with their overhead cables were marched across parts of W Dorset (think it would have been 1960s)and what a difference it made to the landscape. However there are now plans to bury some of them as it is recognised they do adversely impact on what are designated here as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – about 40% of Dorset is designated AONB.

Charlotte Ksays:

Your pictures of the countryside make me long for it. I have a question about utility lines–I see them in one of the garden photos but they otherwise seem to be absent. Are they buried in most cases? Power lines and cars are the things that ruin the landscape in the surroundings in which I live in the US.


Thank you for sharing these moments.And I hope a happy return for Charlie,and I think Mavis will be the happiest……

I adore seeing photos of the garden, I especially love the Victorian cloches please can you start selling them in your shop.

deby (in Canada)says:

oh Ben
Thanks for sharing such a magical walk… Safe landing to Charlie…
xo Deby

Lucinda Sunnuckssays:

Looking forward to Mavis’ reaction tomorrow


A beautiful soft day as they say in Ireland. Thank you for exquisite photos depicting it and happy landings to Charlie

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