Morning and Evening

23 January 2017
Ben Pentreath

A bonus blog this week. Today, Charlie and I were down in Dorset – heading to Devon for my great-uncle’s funeral, where it was a sad but wonderful day learning more about Peter Francis Pentreath’s amazing 97 and a half years. So, no desk and no London.

It was an incredible, frosty morning, and a beautiful soft early evening when we got home, and I took Mavis for a walk up top. I thought you’d enjoy some pictures.



Way in the sky above the valley, an aeroplane left a vapour trail glowing golden in the sky and I imagined great uncle Peter on his next journey.

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With the extraordinary events in the US this week, your blog (which I am nearly a week late in reading)
is comfortingly grounding. England and its lengthy history, including a 97 year old uncle, bring us back to the real world, and the fact that we can survive political turmoil.
The apparent ease and surety with which Mavis is now inhabiting her territory is a delight to see and a tribute to her companions.


Such beautiful photographs as per. Thank you so much for sharing them with us – I only wish I can come back to England Sincere sympathy on the loss of your uncle.

Anouska Tamonysays:

Such beautiful light. A perfect spot for reflection.


My condolences- what a beautiful day to remember him. Here in East Dorset down Wimborne way we have had nothing but freezing fog since Sunday night so thank you for the sunny pictures 🙂


My condolences. What a beautiful day to remember him though. Here in the east of the county up Wimborne way we have had nothing but a thick freezing fog for the last two days. Thank you for posting these beautiful sunny photos.


What a treat just thought l would revisit this weeks blog and hey presto you have taken the time to share a little bit of your day,so kind and thoughtful of you Ben.Whenever l see photos of Dorset it instantly gives me a warm calm feeling like coming home.It was only yesterday l was talking about our holiday to Dorset in June and l felt excited as l always do.Last autumn Dorset was more beautiful than ever the colours and surrounding area literally took my breath away.Wonderful to hear that your great uncle lived to such a good age l hope the years were kind to him.He has now moved on to another chapter of our being.Thank you Ben for an uplifting mid week blog hope you and your little family Charlie Mavis and Henry are being brave and coping without Percy God Bless.

Jennifer Phillippssays:

Lovely to have two blogs from you this week all the way over in New Zealand, where our weather has been swinging between autumn and spring, when it is meant to be summer, we seem to be working our way back into summer weather, as you are heading towards spring.

Sorry to read of another loss, nice to know your great uncle is winging his merry way towards the stars…..


Pierre B.says:

What a treat Ben! Two great posts within one week…
Since you enjoy Faces in Things, did you notice there are two in the reflections of your fourteenth photo? Thank you for sharing !

Chris Webbsays:

BRRR Looks very cold but I guess not raining
From a sunny New Zealand


Heaven seems to be getting a vintage intake at the moment! My father-in-law passed away last week after a long illness stoically borne after a far longer life so well and truly lived. I love the idea of him and your Great Uncle Peter all up/out there – along with sweet Percy – causing their own form of merry mayhem once again.
And your pictures of Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door brought back the clearest and most hilarious memories of Mrs Saynor’s 1985 Geography O’level field trip. (Poor woman I’m sure she can remember it just as clearly – but for none of the same reasons – being in charge of 18 15-year-old brainless school girls with zero in interest in wave erosion let loose on a cliff top!) After a truly crappy week last week, it was lovely to start a new one laughing out loud remembering us all haring about up there.


Steady on! I’ve not even had time to comment on the previous blog and another one pops up. So, thank you for those wonderful pictures of Lulworth and Durdle Door out of season; brave of you to stick your head above the parapet once again re recent political events; and it’s always good to know there’s longevity in the family. From a very foggy and frosty East Devon, Best, Nicola


what a stunning frost followed by the radiant sun. I can’t think of a better tribute to a long life. thanks for the bonus.

Mary Jean Farmersays:

Fingers crossed, and not just for the dahlias!
Best wishes


Sympathy on your uncle’s passing. I am sure good, tender and funny stories were shared to keep him alive in all hearts. I hope the stories get passed on and down the line so he will continue to part of the world.
The photos were amazing and as there is little light in Chicago this morning for all the gray, it was most welcome! Thanks for taking the time and sharing. May your week go well!

Teresa Personsays:

So enjoy your photos… Thank you for sharing your slice of England….it is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth… Sincerely, Teresa


well, what a surprise. Another edition of your blog, which, incidentally, is the only one I follow! I get my weekly dose of Dorset and London, both of which I miss very much and am so very grateful to you for your lovely images. I adore your garden and my daughter and I talk about Mavis quite often, especially when we see other labs out for walks. We’ve really taken her to heart. Our neighbour has 3 – one of each colour and we wonder which one would suit Mavis best!!
So sorry you had another bereavement.


I am so sorry about the loss of your uncle & your dear cat- a tough start to the year indeed but thank you for writing. I appreciate your work so much & am so happy to enjoy a glimpse of your beautiful corner of the world-thank you. The garden you & Charlie have created is such an inspiration- I love the changes with the seasons. All the very best to you & Charlie for a happy, peaceful New Year


What a wonderful tribute to your uncle but despite the sad occasion what a joy for me to receive an unexpected Tuesday blog with such gorgeous photographs…thank you so much..Trudy from Germany


I am sorry for the loss of your Uncle. Thank you for sending us so many glorious scenes to enjoy on this early Tuesday morning. I am always so grateful when I see your Blog in my mailbox. I appreciate the enormous effort it must take to make this possible for all of us. thank you so much!

Mike Wardsays:

So envious of you in the Bride Valley – I cycle it regularly and often sneak a look over your hedge to see what you’ve been up to in the garden! Apologies for being so nosey…


Sincere sympathy on the loss of your dear uncle. I agree, a lovely tribute.
The scenes you capture in your photographs are breathtaking. I am so happy to have discovered your blog. I can’t express how much I enjoy reading it and viewing your photos. Of course, Mavis is charming too!


Condolences on the loss of your great uncle, what a lovely tribute.

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