Morning and Evening; Summer’s end.

28 August 2017
Ben Pentreath

The main event was the Melplash show, and don’t miss reading about that here.  But it’s been the most amazing long weekend in Dorset – well, everywhere, I think – heat at night, heat in the mornings, heat in the evenings. It feels like the end of summer, but maybe we will be lucky and have a September of Indian Summer…. at least, so goes the talk in the pub tonight.

I’ve been taking Mavis for her walks early in the morning, and it’s been serene seeing the hazy light fall on the hills, the woods touched with autumn colour. 

For a few months now Mavis has been swimming like crazy.  Every morning after her walk we go down to the lake and she leaps in immediately.  Charlie’s dahlia border has gone mad.

The evenings have been soft and gentle.

And so the pattern repeats; morning:


Each more special than the last. 

This evening I noticed for the first time how quickly it is dark; dusk at eight, dark by nine.  How different to a month or two ago.  The evenings catch up on you.  There is a definite tinge of autumn to the trees now.

A waxing moon glowed in the sky.

A cusp moment; the tipping point between summer and autumn, with the former held delicately in the balance by long, hot, late summer days. Tomorrow I’m back to work, I guess alongside a lot of people; and the year slides helter-skelter to its end – but as I always feel, September is my favourite month, the start of the new school year. Time to get your new notebooks out.

Finally, a fun announcement:

Charlie McCormick & Frances Palmer


11th – 23rd September

at Pentreath & Hall Ltd, 17 Rugby Street

I’m so excited that Charlie and our great friend Frances are putting on a wonderful show of Frances’ beautiful pots, and Charlie’s dahlias and ephemera.

On Saturday 16th September, they are holding a course on flower growing and arranging at our design studio in Bloomsbury. The day ends with a tour over at our flat around the corner.  There are a few places remaining; more details and booking available here: we really hope to meet you then!

And if not, I really hope you can make it to the London shop to visit Charlie and Frances’s pop-up (as well as, let’s not forget, browsing all the fabulous new autumn stock in P&H next door).


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Nicola Lawrencesays:

Dear Ben – I so loved reading this post and the Melplash Show post (which I’d love to visit one day – although it’s smack bang in the middle of our shearing so very unlikely!). The sitting room photos are dreamy as always (and that peak into the room with red chairs) – and the garden – just so beautiful. As for Mavis’ walks – poor Olive – I don’t think I’ll show her. The end result is similar (well – dirty grey dam as opposed to beautiful lake) – but I’m sure they are both equally loved and happy! Excitingly – we have started our hunt for our next and hopefully, longterm place – somewhere ‘closer in’ (i.e. to things, places and some people) – and in a beautiful landscape – hills, undulations, water, lucerne etc. It will entail a lot of travel between the places – but a lot less travel to things. A lot to look forward to. xx


Timeless and beautiful. The season shifts again. Condensation on the windows – definitely Autumn. Best wishes, Nicola


These wonderful dahlias …… your home and home country are for me the paradise ! I can’t find enough words for these photos and impressions, happy who can live like that !!! Thank you for this photos 🙂
I am also looking forward to the autumn, it was a long hot summer also in Germany. I look forward to the changing colors and light in the landscape, clear air and cozy times ……….
Enjoy your time Ben & Charlie in your wonderful home and country and the exciting and beautiful work with interiors, architecture, flowers and nature and and and that would be my dream.
Also all the best for the move of your parents this autumn !
Yours Birgit
PS: I’ve always used one of your beautiful photos as a desktop background 🙂

Amy Nunnallysays:

Always a treat to go on walks with you , thank you for sharing .

Dorothy Lindsaysays:

i remember when Mavis wouldn’t set foot in the water…and look at her now! Well done, you two!


Always love your pictures !
The landscape is so different from where I live, in Piemonte, Italy.

Sharon Chansays:


That dahlia border is a glorious thing. The flower colors mimic the colors of the sunset sky. If we could only grow them like that here in Texas!

Grateful for the imagery and prose-

Sharon Chan.


Charlie’s dahlias are definitely a few of my favorite things. And Mavis is a such good dog.
Thanks, Ben.


A bit of heaven right here..


Also thanks for the wonderful pictures of the dahlia’s and Mavis in the lake! I also have a Mavis: Klara and she also loves swimming every morning.
I’m looking forward to more of the dahlia’s and Mavis pics. Love from Alkmaar,Holland


Please encourage Charlie to start a gardening blog – he has inspired me to grow dahlias and I need to know how he does it!!! Thank you for two posts in one weekend – I look forward to them so much so this was an extra treat.

Deby (in Canada)says:

Oh Ben You spoil us – two posts in one weekend!!!
Bliss and sigh to this one….. xxx

susan cosstellosays:

Please keep posting Charlie’s Dahlia border… It never gets old. so magical!


Wonderful photos l love seeing the one of Mavis in the lake you can almost feel how refreshing it must be for her.Dorset looks beautiful and the most amazing sunset thankyou for sharing.

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