Hello Sibyl…

25 February 2018
Ben Pentreath

Oh golly, this has been one of those incredibly happy weekends that come once in a blue moon.  You know what I mean?

Sibyl our new corgi was arriving.  Charlie had been wanting to buy a corgi for as long as Mavis had been with us, if not longer.  It had been rather dispiriting finding a puppy.  As many of you will know, corgis are on the endangered breeds list and there are just not many about. Two weekends ago, in the pouring rain of a sodden Saturday, Charlie had found a corgi litter just posted by a lady near Manchester.

So – I’d been in Dorset for a couple of days, home alone with Mavis… having a nice but busy time working.  Here is Mavis on a site visit with me.On Friday, Mum & Dad had a drinks party at their new flat (one of these days I must blog about their new flat).  Charlie, meanwhile, was heading up early to Macclesfield to collect SIBYL.  

After a long drive, he arrived back at Mum and Dad’s that afternoon.  Here’s Sibyl…

and here is the face of happiness: But then we got home.

And, most importantly, Mavis and Sibyl met for the first time.  Which was actually completely fine.

That’s another face of happiness…

We had such a good afternoon at home. That evening, it was our friend Christine’s book launch down in Burton Bradstock. And then we were home to the kids and an early night, all of which went, literally, without a whimper.

Glorious sunshine on Saturday.  We had an early start to Bridport Market, and breakfast at Soulshine.  When we got home, Mum and Dad came round for lunch.

There was warmth in the sunshine. Despite the biting cold wind, it feels like spring is coming.

We took Mavis to the lake for her swim.

Snowdrops are on their way out, celandines in.  Signs of spring again.

A beautiful evening. We were heading to Chris and Caddy’s for a Sibyl viewing as the sun went down.
(sneak glimpse into Caddy’s beautiful glasshouse, filled with seedlings).

This morning, a freezing walk in clear crisp sunshine. The countryside has gone brown in the dry icy cold.

And then a lot of sitting around on the sofa….


A lot of people had been rather worried on Mavis’s behalf.

It turns out that they are making good friends already. Even Henry (our cat) is pretty happy with the new member of the family.  Although Sibyl does have a naughty trick of creeping up on Mavis and biting her tail with her very sharp small teeth.

Everyone gets a bit tired after so much fun and games.

Another beautiful sunset.  It’s still light at six, now.  It’s amazing how the balance tips at this time of year isn’t it?

Too much, right?

This evening, everyone is flat out again.

For those who are wondering, Sibyl is a Welsh Pembrokeshire corgi.  And she won’t stay grey or have blue eyes for very long, which is of course rather sad.

She has got a LOT of character, warned Vicky, when we chose her.  She’s right!!  So, so much fun.  But I have a feeling she’s going to be trouble…. of the best kind.

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Congratulations! These pics just made my day!

Debra M.says:

Too much, indeed!

Jane Leonardsays:

That puppy doesn’t know how lucky she is – what a lovely life she’s going to have with you all. However, you can see from her expression that she means business – good luck with the puppy years!


Jessica Marcumsays:

Welcome Sibyl! She’s darling!! I have a 6 year old Pembroke Welsh corgi (Watson) and I will never be without one again! You’ll love her and I’m sure Mavis will too. If we had more space we would definitely get a playmate for Watson! Best of luck. Corgis are the best, but they are also stubborn and mischievous…I love it but it makes the puppy years rather taxing!


Welcome to Sibyl, but Mavis will remain my best! Looking very regal in her visit to the site. I am out disappointed if your email misses a week – love them. Thanks.


Dear Ben
Oh what a wonderful life ! Your family is now complete with the sibyl baby ……….
It is so perfect to see, your family and your home and the rural England !
Congratulations from me, enjoy your time,
all the best,
Yours Birgit from Germany 🙂


Can’t wait to see mum’s new place.


Eat your heart out! So sweet. Best wishes to you all chez Pentreath. Nicola

She is beautiful! What a sweet addition to the family.
xo, lissy

Alison Lewissays:

A bundle of loveliness and delight and adorable defined. Enjoy this very special time x

Isla Simpsonsays:

I’d give anything to trade places with Charlie on that sofa with little Sibyl


you’ll be happy with those girls! How did Henry react?

Marilyn Snellsays:

Your posts are always delightful, Ben by this posts warms my heart . The pictures of your Mother are so beautiful. I can only imagine how please you are to have your parents living near you. Yes please do a post about their new flat. Sibyl is so precious and I am happy to see she has bonded with Mavis. Thank you as always for making me smile!

Diane Keanesays:

Ben, your Mum has the twinkliest eyes I’ve ever seen! What better way to set them alight than a new puppy? Such a happy post, it gladdens the heart. Spring is definitely arriving, albeit very slowly. Now that I’m retired, I get to fully enjoy the show. (The silence and peace of undisturbed snow-cover was a revelation this winter.)

Sybil is one lucky gal! We’ll all enjoy watching her grow.

Hugs from Diane


Congratulations on your darling baby girl! Good girl, Mavis for being a sweet big sis! Thank you for sharing

Nicola Lawrencesays:

Oh this makes me feel so happy too Ben. Sybil is very sweet and will have so much fun with Mavis. She will be the fastest little corgi ever – tearing around trying to keep up with Mavis’s long legs and speed. Fun times ahead. xx


A joyful blog from start to finish, especially as I’m very partial to pictures of Mavis and little Sybil. I think your mum and Sybil will be best pals. Sweetest toy camel. Thanks so for sharing.


What a wonderful addition to your home! Be ready for lots of hijinks and hair – I have 2 labs and 1 corgi and am gobsmacked by the amount of hair. You are in for the time of your life with these sweeties!


Sybil is just too cute!

Claire Howardsays:

Sybil is the cutest Corgi I have seen,she’s a very lucky little girl to have found such a lovely home.Enjoy every minute,they grow up so quickly.

Teddee Gracesays:

Oh, my goodness! Too cute. Thanks for sharing your fun weekend. And keep us posted. They grow so fast.


As a Corgi owner/devotee, I am always surprised at the increasing lack of corgi’s when I cross the pond. All of mine have been lovingly naughty which explains the mantra “Oh, the Queens corgi’s are so naughty, no one wants that in their home!”
Never, I say!
Congrats on your new gal, may the two of you inspire a new love for this delightful breed! Sybil is lovely

Susan Toye Fergusonsays:

Sybil is just wonderful! I wasn’t aware that Corgis were on the endangered list as they aren’t in the US. We see lots of them and my ex and I adopted 4 Shelties over the years – the Corgi’s first cousins. Wonderful dogs and oh, so smart. Sybil will keep Mavis young!

Happy Spring – we haven’t seen it yet here on Cape Cod!

And your mother is lovely – what a smile!


In California, our Governor, Jerry Brown and his wife have Corgis and they have important civic duties like having a Facebook page. Sutter Brown, now sadly deceased, and Colusa Brown. Both adorable, as is your darling little Sibyl.


Fluffy heaven on four legs.


Puppies bring out the joy in all of us!!!! She is sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing. We have a corgi up the road (USA) and Toby has enough personality for 4!


That is one cute puppy!!! Corgis are not rare here in the states….a lady down the street has 2 and I see them all over town being walked.


I see Mavis smiling! So happy for everyone! Nothing like puppy breath!, Denise

Mary Jenkinssays:

Watch out – the popularity of the Pembrokeshire Corgi will sky rocket now!


Beyond Wonderful! So happy for all, and really touched by your beautiful Mum as well, as I’ve just lost my beautiful Mom recently. They are the best ever, Mothers, especially those who teach us how precious and dear the four legged companions in our lives are … all the best!

Elizabeth Barrsays:

It is impossible to look at this post without smiling. Thanks for sharing.


Sybil is a breath of fresh air and a teeny prophetess of spring hope…at least for this Chicagoan. Charlie looks SO happy and your parents look marvelous. Mavis looks patient. Have a lovely week and bless you for taking the time to share.
P.S. Like Glenda above, noticed that tile right off. Beautiful.


Sybil is simply lovely! Love the pic with Mrs Pentreath-so chic.

Gill Coatessays:

Heart warming post on a cold, grey, snowy day. Sibyl is sooo sweet. I spent yesterday visiting a friend’s new puppy (Vizsla) so I am in a puppy mood…. Thanks for posting these delightful pictures.


I’m with you,Danielle. My favourite by far,pure bliss! Congratulations on your new addition to the family,she’s a corker.


Oh my goodness Ben, this such such a heart warming post. Sybil is completely adorable and your mum’s happy face is just beautiful. Plus lovely to see all the emerging signs of Spring. This is probably one of my favourite posts to date! (and I’ve read them all)
I look forward to seeing more of Sybil!


Oh my gosh, Sibyl is a darling. Your mum looks radiant!


wonderful! to see the morris minor front and center, she is a stunner!


love the teal tile in yer’ mum’s kitchen! am so proud of that mavis girl welcoming sibyl first glimpse. my newfies drag it out for 2 weeks. same dry frigid cold over here/california, in to third week of frigid, but does not look lush green like you have already. lovely that you had a happy week filled with memories that pick us up, when times ain’t so happy. congratulations on your baby girl, ben and charlie, she is precious!


Oh my word Sybil is absolutely adorable such a happy post.Well done to Mavis she will love her and lm sure they will have a lot of fun together.l am sure Sybil will have you all running around in circles after her in no time at all.Thankyou for sharing your new addition to your little family.

Pierre B.says:

” Our best friends never have less than four legs.”


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